About MCC

Mujiono Cycling Cap (MCC) is a small-scale start-up, based in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.The team started the process of making caps from scratch, based on their personal experience as users.Our business philosophy, however absurd it may seem to many, is:

  1. Spread The Fun.
    We believe so much in the long tradition of cycling and cycling caps. Anything we do has to voice it, be it in production stage, promotional strategies on our conducts.
  2. Progress Above Profit.
    We limit the number of products in each article, so as to continue making progress. Create something else, something new, something better. Never re-stock.
  3. Love it before You Sell It.
    Each article is designed and produced with one thing in mind: high wearability. We make sure that all caps released are comfortable and have minimum defects.
  4. State It With Caps.
    We want our caps to be a personal statement. Cheerful, serious, adventurous, laid-back, die-hard cyclist, or modest sport enthusiast ; there is always something for everyone.

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